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Joseph Murphy's Biography

My name is Joe Murphy and I’m an attorney at McNeice Wheeler PLLC, an entrepreneur, and I have a Master’s in Tax Law. I specialize in serving the needs of small to mid-size businesses with a focus on leading-edge technology, mobile communication, communication platforms supporting M2M, and “IoT” devices.


Because I’m both professionally and personally invested in technology, I look to help my clients turn rapid change and innovation into a competitive advantage. My depth and breadth of my experience allows me to provide the right amount of service to help you carefully manage your budget and safeguard against what can be exorbitant unforeseen risks if not proactively managed. I have deep knowledge working with the industry’s 800 pound gorillas which has given me insight and experience in some of the areas below:


  • Navigating the regulatory environments of the FCC, GSMA, and Public Utility Commission

  • Partnering with Patent Attorneys to streamline Trademark and Copyright licensing

  • Negotiating Purchase and Sale agreements

  • Developing Employment Contracts and Settlement agreements

  • Devising International tax strategies for Subpart F income, domestic business and tax planning, estate tax planning

  • Conducting litigation and arbitration


I love working with small businesses and start-ups because of the unparalleled energy & enthusiasm.  I understand first-hand that as a small business, your success lies in your ability quickly acclimate to changing environments by solving problems quickly. And I pride myself in continuously engaging with the business environment to stay current on what can be a dizzying rate of change.


I have a law degree from University of Denver and my LL.M in Tax from the University of Washington School of Law. I attended Gonzaga University for my undergraduate education and received a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus on Finance. 


I live in Seattle, WA, with my husband Dale Mescoe and our dog Pachys.

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