January 31, 2017

I am focusing on transactions where the Business Judgment Rule is rebutted and the Entire Fairness Rule is implicated

November 28, 2016

Please click here for the article discussing the current Trump proposal. It is a good read! I encourage folks plan accordingly. These changes will make it financially beneficial for everyone to evaluate their current strategy.  From my perspective, it appears that everyone will need to consider making changes.  

Additionally, it will be interesting to see if this plan succeeds in bringing a reduction to the debt and d...

November 22, 2016

After the election of Donald Trump a few days ago, one of the minority groups that got hit with one of the bigger panic attacks was the LGBT community. I heard that there have been 8 reported suicides of trans youths since the election, presumably out of uncontained fear of a Trump presidency. Though the only source for this claim came from a source that called the suicides “unconfirmed,” that doesn’t negate the fear and horro...

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