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A few legal issues to consider as an LGBT folks under a new regime.

After the election of Donald Trump a few days ago, one of the minority groups that got hit with one of the bigger panic attacks was the LGBT community. I heard that there have been 8 reported suicides of trans youths since the election, presumably out of uncontained fear of a Trump presidency. Though the only source for this claim came from a source that called the suicides “unconfirmed,” that doesn’t negate the fear and horror that swept over the LGBT Community.

As mentioned in my previous article, there are concrete and measurable fears that people and minorities have. Whether or not they are based on misunderstandings or legitimate threats are to be determined based on whether or not those fears become a reality. The nation is presumably divided on this idea.

In talking with members of the LGBT community (whose names will not be published), I have decided to compile a more refined list of fears held by the LGBT community of Donald Trump, his VP pick Mike Pence and his administration.

  • The overturning of same-sex marriage legality

  • More anti-LGBT laws that make discrimination against members of the LGBT community legal in terms of employment, housing and education

  • Being criminalized by way of being made into third-class citizens

  • A side-effect of these anti-LGBT policies that add to mental anguish and prolonged fear from living in a country that does not accept them

The latter point is, of course, based on the previous three. The most concrete of the three being the overturning of nationwide same-sex marriage laws that were put into place in June 27th, 2015. Being criminalized or being made into a third-class citizen by way of laws being implemented that will make discrimination legal isn’t specified enough most likely because it is difficult to determine what exact laws will be put into place before they exist. Therefore, I will be keeping track of any and all other laws that are put on the table regarding LGBT rights.

If laws do get put into place that make discrimination and marginalization of the LGBT community legal, that box on the list of fears will rightfully be ticked. Depending on the severity of these laws, I will keep track of the side effects this has on the LGBT community.

It is important to note that nothing has happened yet, because Donald Trump is not yet officially in office. However, this does not make the fears any less present.

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